Kathleen Johnston

" I have been using Ema's herbs for years. The Pituitary tea works wonders. It
balances by whole being, I feel refreshed and revived. I drank the Cold and Flu tea
on the onset of a cold and the next day I was feeling much better. I am so glad I
found Ema and her teas. Her teas are a natural way of curing the body of its
aliments. It is said that nature has a remedy for each ailment and Ema's teas are
certainly a confirmation of this."


Maria Rodriguez

Hi Ema! My husband Carlos and I (Maria) went to see you today and you were amazing!
Your checkup for each of us was spot on and we plan to drink your teas, take our
supplements and see you again in 3 weeks! I am so excited! I took notes, but if I
have any questions, I'll just ask. After running our errands, we had a dinner of
salmon and tuna (getting our start with fish). Thank you for being so informative.
It was very nice meeting you and I am so glad you are here locally!



Paulette Corradini Brown

Ema thanks for seeing me today it's always Such a pleasure and so informative. You
amaze me with your knowledge and love that you share it with is!



Ryan Kaercher, Ventura CA

Drinking my tea now and it's surprisingly tasty. Thanks for everything! Your
knowledgeable assessment literally blew me away today!



Michelle Stevens

Cannot believe how long it took me to go into Ema's Herbs... You are an inspiration
Ema!! Ventura people stop by to have Ema feel around on your feet, sounds weird but
gave me some new inspiration for my health!! This should be on everyone's Resolution
list!! ♥♥



Remy Kemp, Ventura College, Biological Sciences

I'm drinking some of your Menstrual Relief tea. It is seriously the best thing for
all of my "girl symptoms".



Sheila Delgado

Hi ema.... me and my cousin went in yesterday for some tea for anxiety... she told
me she felt so relaxed... u made our day. I just wanted to say thank you... and we
were glad to find out about you... I will let all my friends no about you... your
awesome=} thank you...



Lena and David and Sophie Brien,
Oxanrd, CA

My Husband and I have Ema to thank for helping us conceive our beautiful baby girl.
After nearly a year of trying with no success and a whirlwind of doctors
appointments & blood tests I was facing the decision to take fertility medicine. I
was reluctant to do this and a friend suggested I go and see Ema, little did I know
this would c...hange our lives!

Meeting Ema was like meeting an old friend that you know and trust. She was so
accurate in her assessment of my health and I felt excited to feel healthy again and
give my body the best change of conceiving. Being English I was also excited about
drinking a lot of tea! :):)

I did everything as Ema directed and within a month or so I felt better in myself
and became pregnant with our daughter!!

Like anyone that has been trying for a baby I cannot describe the happiness of
becoming pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful baby. I am eternally grateful to
Ema and all she has done for me. I believe in her, and the work she does. My family
and I and our friends have been back since and will continue to follow her
instructions and drink our appropriate teas!
I cannot work out how to post a picture of our daughter, Sophie on this review but I
wish i could as she is something to see! Thank you again Ema, you are the BEST!!


By: James Scolari

I know some people... Ema's Herbs
I know some really smart, talented, creative people. I bet you do, too... Today I'm
thinking of Ema's Herbs -- I stopped by her shop yesterday, and was blown away. In
this age of pharmaceutical madness, we tend to think of natural remedies as
"mumbo-jumbo...", and that the only "real" medicine is the synthetic semi-poison
that comes out of drug factories, a ridiculous opinion that's the byproduct of
advertising and so unbelievably lame. The truth is, the plant world has given us
every single drug and remedy from day one, and in this ago of toxicity and diets
that contain all-too-little actual food, it's back to live food and natural remedies
that we MUST turn to reclaim our health -- doing without it is a disaster, and look
at the numbers: 95% of Americans will die from causes directly related to what they
eat. Our immune systems evolved to take advantage of plants-- it's all we need to be
healthy. The difference between a wedge of orange and a thousand milligrams of
ascorbic acid is that the body has to perform about a dozen enzymatic steps to try
and convert the chemical into what the orange already is. Not only that, but Ema
herself is just delightful. Super charming, and profoundly intuitive -- give her a
moment to peer into your eyes, and perhaps take you by the foot (yep, the wonders of
reflexology), and she'll know what's ailing you. Her shop at Main and Fir, downtown,
is a veritable apothecary with something essential for every body. If you don't
believe me, no offense, but you don't know what you're made of. Check her out online
here!, or drop by the shop at 695 E. Main Street. Ema makes FB a cooler place.See



Briana Garcia, in her blog: brianaissance.com, Ema's Herbs (May 8, 2011)

Last week, I took my friend and bride-to-be, Niki, to Ema’s Herbs in Ventura, CA for
a reflexology based wellness assessment with herbalist, Ema Salmon.

As I was editing the footage for the video you are about to watch, I found myself
relaxed and reflective. Even though I had already become verrrrrrry familiar with
the footage (as per what happens in the editing process), I still listened intently
to the verbal gold Ema bestowed upon Niki. I realized that the reason people come
from all over the world to see this woman has to do with more than just her
delicious herbal concoctions…

It is the magic of EMA herself that beckons them. She is witty, she is friendly, she
is quirky, she is wise, she is smart, she is direct and she is one of those people
that will tell you exactly what you need to hear, when you need to hear it.

I can truly say that the video I made doesn’t do EMA justice! YOU MUST go into her
shop and meet her for yourself. You will leave happier and perhaps inspired, I
always do.

Kelly Starr

Dearest Emma,

You made this trip to the coast, WONDERFUL, Thank you!!!!!

I came in on Thursday to purchase some echinacea root... I think you will
remember, I sat, you read my feet, I got very emotional.... Yep, feeling a bit
silly for getting so weepy on our 1st meeting. However, it was suppose to be,
you helped me....

Thank you!

Pituitary Tea is GREAT, very calming. It has calmed me down, I really have had
wonderful restful nights of sleep since using. I do need more of that!
Liver Tea - I am drinking, 1 cup in the morning.
The Energy & Stress supplement, really makes me feel more alive! I like it.
Do I continue with that when this bottle is gone or is it something that one
does every once in a while?

Rest, relaxation, herbal tea, the ocean and meeting a new friend(you) was the
recipe for a perfect trip this time around. I am feeling much, much better.

It truly was very nice meeting you Emma. You crossed my path for a reason and I
believe that! Thank you for reminding me of the special person I am, and
especially thank you for being so wise and so caring! You are Awesome!

I will see you again. Not sure when exactly, but hopefully soon.

Sincerely with Love,

Rhiannon Norman (From Face book)

Hi Ema :) Just wanted to say thank you so much for your caring and compassion and
helping me today. I am so glad to have crossed your path. I just made some Pituitary
tea and it's so yummy!  Love and hugs,



Suzanne St.Claire, Ojai CA (Face book, December 3, 2010)

Thanks for stocking me up yesterday, and for providing the best of nature's
cures-LAUGHTER! I had so much fun with you ♥



Michelle Pope

Your teas are great Ema! They really work. This is true health. Pills and
pharmaceuticals to get rid of symptoms are probably worse than the illness.

Paola Acuna (Masters, at: American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Paola Acuna
Ema has an amazing knowledge of herbs. I highly recommend her for any and all of
your health concerns. Thanks Ema for sharing your knowledge!



Linda Joy LaPointe, Massage Therapist in Ojai CA

Ema, I was just telling a client that came in for massage because they suffer with
fibromyalgia about your glucosamine condroitin liquid formula - how great it tastes
and how much it helped me with that kind of pain several years ago. I hope they
contact you soon - I know how much it relieves muscle/joint pain.

Biljana Karamehmedovic

Out of all cleanse I tried (tried several before found this), Ema's Colon Cleanse
tea is the one I am staying with - effective and above all easy to take, very
tasty and no after-taste which for me is a major turn of with powders and



Mladen Milicevic, professor at Loyola Marymount, L.A. CA

My prostate problems has completely vanish since I started drinking Ema's tea. I
highly recommend it!!!



says: my HMO PCP even recommended Ema's Herbs to me !

Mare Woggon



Selma Nalbant

Dear Ema, Love my tea ,makes me feel good.



Andrew DiPalma, Efficient Online Marketing (Founder)

Ema Thank you so much for always taking such good care of me and for your awesome
vitamins. I appreciate you so much. I'm going to keep the referrals coming...



Linda Joy LaPointe

I have to tell you that the pituitary tea worked magic on me. It lifted my mood and
calmed me down and I slept like a baby (haven't done that in a while!) Thanks so
much for bringing it to my awareness again. You're the best!



Judy Ritch Gabriel, RetreatsOfOjai.com

You are such a gift Ema! Thanks for all u do.



Julie Merrick, Camarillo, California

I just had some Pituitary tea...it must be nice to have product/business where
someone uses it and thinks of you and smiles or sends love....



Eye Pillows (face book)

Your Liver Cleanse Tea is remarkable. My body is acting much better as I'm almost
finished w/ the 2nd bag along w/ the kidney cleanse I feel %1,000 better.




From: D*****@aol.com To: ema@emasherbs.com Date: Thursday, June 01, 2000 7:52 PM Subject: Thank You Ema I tried some of the herbs that Irene bought from you to assist with digestion. I had a really good experience. Hope everything is okay with you.


Christine Dice

Ema...you are amazing! You were one of my last stops before moving to Washington!
I stocked up and now I am getting close to running out!!!! Oh---no! (Face book)



Claire Staffa

Ema, I just wanted to thank you for the great consultation and herbs. I am drinking
some of the tea now, and it's wonderful!



Gail Miller (via Face book)

Every time I have come to you over the years, you (simply by being You) stir and
inspire the woman in me to roar ~ for this I say "thank you Universe for gifting us
this Soul that we get to love and share life with"



Mary Lee Myers

How did it know it was my 49th birthday? Boom! Womanopause. OK - pardon me, but at
any age, all females to me are girls. So, girls....as is pretty much known, to add
to Eve's curse, each girl is different.
I would like to share that, my hormones caused me to feel... what seriously suicidal
people feel. You have the feeling of doom and gloom and dread and fear - based on
your hormones, not something "logical" or "real?" like the boogie man. Just for your
information: Ema's Menopause Tea (first ingredient black cohosh) 99.9% eliminates
the "psychotic" feeling of that hormonal doom and gloom. I take a heaping table
spoon (probably more than Ema's instructions...but we all have to "tweak" what works
for each of us) in the morning. This gets me through the day without or down to .1%
of that horrible hormonal feeling. I experience no other symptoms, such as hot
throughout the day.
Recently, my sister who is four years older than me, but experiencing severe hot
flashes, was recommended by me to take an Evening Primrose in the evening before
bed. I forgot to ask her about it, but she brought it up...."ya know, Mary.....I did
notice relief from the hot flashes last night," she said. So, in my case (and my
sister...'s) I can attest to Ema's Tea and Primrose (also in stock at Ema's Herbs)
for relief. Quality of Life is important. If you are suffering, I recommend giving
these a try.


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